Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Out of Necessity

Some of my sewing I do for fun and some is a plain old challenge to my self. And then there are some projects that are born out of necessity...repairing clothes, hemming pants, making signs.

I struggle with organization. Hey, I hear those snorts out there:) I do have one thing organized though, my dirty laundry! I've gotten it down to a system that unfortunately no one else in my household could figure out. It seemed easy enough to me, darks here, towels there, whites there. After months of frustration and resorting, I came up with a plan. Kyla can read. Chad can read. I'll make signs:)

I had a bit of left over muslin from another project (thanks Jennifer!) and extra dark thread from the very same project. I traced some letters with a washable pen and then got to sewing. In between snacks and homework and assisting in Lego building, I was able to make three signs that I pinned with my handy dandy diaper pins to my sorting system.

Wala! Organization here we come!

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