Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New School Dress

I've been meaning to try this tutorial that I found at Make it and Love it, a new dress for me being the goal. I was searching for knit fabric that matched a t-shirt that I purchased just for this project and wouldn't you know it, I found the perfect fabric for a dress for Kyla:) Having no luck finding material for myself...I sighed and resigned myself to sewing a cute new dress for Kyla today.

I took a new t-shirt that I found on clearance and my new owl fabric (so cute!!)

and spent an hour or two of quality time with my sewing machine and came up with this!

A soft and cozy dress for my second grader. She loves it, I love it and I'm sure others will love it:) Now if only I can find some fabric for my dress:)


Joce said...

You AMAZE me my friend. You are so gifted and talented. Such a great example of a Prov. 31 woman who provides clothes for her family and stays up taking the time to care. What a gift you are to your family and I'm sure they know that too! =)

Lynn said...

Oh, soooooo cute!