Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Boy Bed

The time of cribs and toddler beds have passed here in our household. We now have a little boy who is sleeping in a twin bed, sharing a gradually shrinking room with his big sis.

The most exciting part of this transition is the fact that we did it all on the cheap:) My brother had an extra twin mattress taking up space at his house and is in need of a crib mattress for their little one to move up to a toddle bed...Hmmm, a quick switcheroo and we both have what we need. (As in quick I mean that my brother squished the mattress into his new SUV and drove down 4 plus hours and left it at my parents' house for my dad to throw it into his truck and drive the hour over to our house. Thanks guys!)

The bed frame is another gift. Many years ago, Chad's cousin made a beautiful wooden bed for his daughter. Time passed as it seems to do and now their two gals sleep in bunk beds. Bryan desperately (okay, maybe he wasn't desperate...more like really, really) wanted the bed out of his garage to give him more space. Are you seeing where this is leading? Yep, we now have a beautifully handmade bed for our boy while helping out those around us:)

Gav helped Daddy put it all together as I put on the newly purchased sheets. I'll be working on a blanket that fits in the next month. I wasn't expecting it to all come together so quickly:)

When we dragged that toddler bed out of the room, I was both elated and saddened. How fast time is flying by. My kids seem to be growing by leaps and bounds in just seconds.

The favorite part of his bed seems to be underneath it:) The kids have spent an unmeasurable amount of time under there, hiding, and planning, and giggling:)

After a good nights sleep that included NOT falling out of bed...we are happily skipping on down the pathway of life:)

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Jolina said...

very cool.. congrats Gavin... He is getting so big now!!