Sunday, September 12, 2010

School Sewing

School started this Tuesday for both of my kiddos. That means I spent most of Monday afternoon and evening sewing:) I had projects in mind for both of the kids but hadn't yet taken the time to actually sit down and get them done.

Like last year, I wanted to have Kyla use reusable baggies for her lunch. It would be more environmentally friendly and save us some $$ too:) Unlike last year, I made them out of oilcloth. We went to our local fabric store and Kyla chose the fabric that she liked best our of their oilcloth collection. Add some thread and some velcro and you have lunch baggies. I made a total of three sets, one sandwich bag and two snack bags per set, and they have worked wonderfully so far. I just wash them up in the sink and let them dry for the night and we are ready for the next day. And oh the fabric is so bright and cheery or cherry:)

Now Gavin started preschool and when you start something you need to look sharp, at least that's my take:) I made Gav a tie shirt a while back and he has worn it out he wears it so often:) What better way to look sharp than with a tie:) But really, a three year old can't handle a real tie so we made him a fake one...way better than a clip on:) Looking snazzy!

The school sewing has begun! I'll be sure to keep you updated:)