Saturday, August 14, 2010

More From Indiana

During our yearly visit to the mid-west, we were able to spend some time with my dad's family as we all gathered for my cousin's wedding. Each time I see my family, I try to get pictures for memories sake. I know that you are all surprised with this desire to photograph every aspect of my life...oh wait, you're not surprised:) So here are some of those yearly pictures that we can look back on in the future and reminisce.

Here is the Bonnell Clan. Most of us are there and what a great big bunch of people we have become! Now this is just my dad's mom and her children and their children and their children:) Please notice that my children are no where near me. In the last three wedding pictures taken while in Indiana, my children have found other family members that they love and I am left to stand alone.

If you don't believe me this was taken in 2008 at Abby's wedding. It's like playing wheres Waldo. Where are my kids??

I'd like to introduce you to my grandmother. She is the rock of the Bonnell side of the family. A couple of years ago we thought that we might lose her to cancer but she's a tough old bird (her words I swear!) and we still get to enjoy her in our lives. I'm told that I take after her quite a bit:)

All of us came from that tiny, amazing woman. Now I'd like you to meet my aunts. They are all strong women and have each influenced me in different ways. They work hard, get things done, and love their families with everything that they have.

Are you noticing where I got my short genes:) I love my family and the history that makes us who we are!

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