Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old Friends and New Memories

We were blessed this week to have our friend Lindsey come and stay with us while she was down from Seattle visiting friends in the area. She is one of our throwers of the past... a sweet gal that has turned into a good friend.

Not only did she come and stay at the Riddle B & B, but she brought along her side kick as well, Rocky Road. The kids fell for the dog during their first session of fetch and were ready to keep both Linds and Rocky here with us forever after a day:)

Linds and I decided to make a fancy, smancy dinner on Wednesday evening...the kiddos and Chad were fed "normal" food while us ladies experimented and enjoyed greatness:) Fresh yellow beets with cherries, walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese; whole wheat pizza with veggies and fresh mozzarella, basil from my garden and avocados. We finished off our meal with a homemade apple pie. I picked the apples and Linds made the pie. We're a good team:)

The kids want Linds to live with us so that Rocky is around and Chad wants her to live with us for the pie:) Not so much for the "girly" pizza.

The Riddle B & B is closed now for the season, unless you want to come. Can you make pie?

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