Monday, August 16, 2010

Making it new and shiny

So for the past month I've been updating our bathroom, priming and painting, adding bead board and base trim, and swapping out old for new. We aren't in a position to go and purchase everything new, not that I would if I could since I'm such a penny pincher:) So here is how I was able to make this old bathroom of ours sparkle with a little bit of elbow grease and some dedicated time for searching.

First up is the cabinet hardware. I'd recently been reading about other homeowners who had painted their pulls and hinges with great success so I decided to give it a try. Worst case scenario is that they turn out awful and look better than they did before:) I rigged up a handy-dandy spraying box and went to work.

The only draw back was the silver fingers. Yeah, I had silver nails for days:)

Second is the new to us medicine cabinet. I found it at the local Restore for a steal and it just happen to fit our small weird little whole from the old mirror. Well I thought it would fit:) It was about three quarters of an inch to wide and to long. Seriously!! So Chad, being the handy man that he is, cut it down to size and I painted that sucker up and we had it in the wall by dinner time:)

The foot stool was another easy thing to update that made a big difference. I just added some fabric that I had left over from the making of the curtains and modpodged it right on. I finished it with a spray acrylic for wash ability and for strength. You don't have to be weak to be pretty:)

Now the laminate was easier than I thought it would be but still a bit tough in the actual installing. Chad was a huge help here, pulling out all his manly tools and doing math and stuff:)

This is what we had...
This is what we have now:) So pretty.

While I was doing all this work, I found this...on the back of one of the switch covers. What a wonderful idea, a journal of the work done on our house. I ended up not using this cover being that it was beige and going on 40 years old, but I transferred the info onto a new cover plate and put it up for the next people to find and enjoy:)

So say goodbye to my old, dreary bathroom (after I had started the demo)...

And say hello to the new!

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