Friday, August 13, 2010

Clean Desk = New Chair

Our sweet Kyla is the picture of her grandmother. She may look like her grandmother but she got her organizational genes from Chad and I, poor kid. She just doesn't stand a chance unless we do something teach her how to organize and keep it cleaned up:) So we've been working on it. For almost two weeks now, we've been working on her desk, yep it was that bad. We emptied all the drawers, organized, recycled, filed, threw away and re-filled.

A couple of weeks ago as we were trying to figure out how best to help Kyla learn this new skill set, I realized that she didn't have a chair. Of course her desk top was so covered she couldn't actually work there thus the lack of chair. In my searching for bathroom remodel treasures, I found an antique chair at our local Restore and brought it home gleefully.

It had nice lines and was super sturdy. Those were it's good points. Unfortunately it had multiple layers of varnish and a shoddy repair job, but for $2 it was a steal:)

I sanded it down to the wood and prepped it for painting.

Now part of our deal with Kyla, her grand prize as it were, was the ability to paint her new chair ANY color she choose as soon as she completed the cleaning/reorganizing of her desk. And wouldn't you know that kiddo of mine chose gumdrop purple!

Kyla now has a pretty purple chair for her clean desk and she actually has written letters while sitting on it. Who would have guessed a desk could be used for that kind of stuff?:)

Oh gorgeous gumdrop purple, welcome into our home!

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