Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ta Da! Chicken Tractor

Our chickens are now free range...kind of. Chad built a movable coup/chicken run that we drag around the yard giving the chickens fresh bugs and grass and dirt to play in. It took a while to coax them into their summer home but the fresh blackberries and Chad's innate panther like moves did the trick:)

Chad had started this little project a while ago, and then he hurt his back. The chickens were put on hold until he healed. Now that his back is almost as good as new, out to the garage Gav and he went with great determination to finish this project.

Now I must brag a bit about my husband. A couple of months ago I said to him, "I'd like a chicken tractor. Can you please build me one?" He responded, "What is a chicken tractor?" I showed him some pictures and away he went. The tractor is made completely from things that we already had, even some old hinges. My handy husband created locks and doors and the design. I must say that he's pretty amazing!

The ladies love their new abode and I enjoy watching them dig and peck for food.

I think we'll paint it green and yellow and have our very own John Deere tractor:) Vrooom!

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Jolina said...

very cool.. great job chad and gavin.