Sunday, August 3, 2008

Water Fight!

My parents came over for the afternoon to get their grandkid fix. My mom is heading to Indiana for her sister's wedding this Tuesday. Kyla and my Dad will meet her there a week from Wednesday. My baby girl's first big trip without us. Half of me is so excited for her. What a great time she'll have with her grandparents! What a grand adventure! The other half of me is heartbroken. What ever happened to that baby girl I just had yesterday? As a parent I try to enjoy every stage of their lives, but it seems to be passing by so quickly.

Back to the story:) After dinner, Kyla "accidentally" got Grandma wet. Grandma "accidentally" got her wet back. What happened after that is pretty much as you would guess, except for the addition of lemonaid. Don't you wish you were part of that:) The end result was a sticky set of parents, Gavin's hair in a permanent mohawk, Kyla in a new outfit, and a pair of grandparents laughing until their stomachs hurt.

Here are some pics of Kyla and Gavin with their Grandma Lynne and "Gramps"

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Joce said...

How fun is that?!!!!! Can I come play at your house? And I know what you mean about the kiddo's growing up. My oldest is turning 4 this week and he can do sooooo much more on his own now, it's been hard for me and he starts school in the fall and I'm not ready for that. =) I'll be praying for all on the trip and not.
Love you friend.