Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our New Addition....

We've added a new member to the Riddle family, he is of the four legged variety:) Kyla turned five today and we decided that 5 is the magical age for responsible pet ownership. We went to our local Petco and Kyla picked out the perfect hamster, a long haired, male, teddy bear hamster.

After much discussion and contemplation, she christened him "Love" or "Lovy".

We've got his house all set up in our old 10-gallon fish tank.

He seems to be a happy camper so far and I know that Kyla is amazed by everything he does. She is right now reading him a story. Oh the joys of youth:)

Kyla and Lovy

While we were all busy doing other things, we had our first hamster related mess. Gavin got a hold of the open bag of hamster bedding and proceeded to fling it about the dining room. Now Edwuardo is working and has officially met Lovy:)

Edwaurdo doing his duty
Our Little Mess Maker

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What a cool new member of the family!