Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Week...

I picked up Kyla and my parents at the airport this Wednesday afternoon. She walked right past me and enveloped Gavin in the biggest hug. They were both so happy that she was home! Kyla has talked non-stop about all the fun she had in Indiana:) I can't wait to see her pictures:) While she was away, I manned the helm at my dad's metal shop in Hubbard. Gavin got shipped off to my friend Jolina's house and to Beth's house. What a blessing those ladies are! Yesterday was to be our first full day at home in over a week. No matter what anybody says, I'm a homebody:)

As life would have it, we ended up heading over to the Commune (chad's mom's house) to work on pictures for Grandpa's memorial service that afternoon. I find myself doing the picture slide show, the memorial handout, and trying to mourn at the same time. At this point, I don't seem to be doing any of it well. The "celebration of life" is being held on Monday and I feel a little overwhelmed at all there is to do to get ready for that.

Kyla's 5th birthday is tomorrow. We are trying to not let Grandpa's passing overshadow it. Her party is this sunday afternoon. Can anybody tell I'm a little stressed out:) Your prayers are needed and much appreciated as we say goodbye to Frank, go through re-entry after Kyla's vacation, and celebrate Kyla.

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Joce said...

Prayers are going up friend. How sweet is that, that your kids love each other to pieces. Isn't it the best? Very sweet. Let us know how the weekend goes and Monday. I hope you're planning a day to recoop and rest on Tuesday.