Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Children of the Corn

What a treat! Last evening, we headed over to my parent's house out in Mulino. Mom was in Indiana so we had to fend for ourselves:) After dinner we all went out to the garden and played. This spring, my parents planted a green bean fort for the kids. It's finally to the point that they can play in it and boy did they play.

Kyla was ready for desert so she picked everything she could find to eat; apples, blackberries, carrots and strawberries. You name it, their yard or garden has it:)

After a much needed bath, Kyla made up a bed for herself on the floor of Grandpa Kevin's room. I took Kyla and my dad to the airport early this morning and it was easier for everyone if we just stayed the night:) The kids feel asleep quickly but were up so very early! Kyla was so excited for her trip!

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