Friday, August 1, 2008

Old Jen Riddle Had a Farm

E , I , E , I , OH!

We've had our first harvest from our raised garden beds! I had recently been bemoaning the state of my cucumber plants to a friend of mine. I was checking on them today and look what I found!! No wonder the poor little plant wasn't growing, all of it's energy was being used to grow this! I've had a handful of wonderfully ripe cherry tomatoes this last week as well. We actually had to do some work staking my tomato plants tonight, they were too heavy for the wire cages and they kept tipping over!

We had sloppy joes for dinner tonight, really sloppy joes:) Gavin couldn't eat them fast enough it seemed. Nor could he get them straight to his mouth:)

As I was making dinner, Gavin started hollering. I went to find out what the racket was about and found this. We had put his old bath chair near the door to give to my brother and his wife for their new baby. He obviously isn't ready to let it go:)

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