Friday, August 29, 2008

Ready... Set....

We are all ready for Kyla to start school on Tuesday. She will be attending Wascher Elementary School here in Lafayette monday through friday in their morning Kindergarten class. Her teacher is Mrs. Imholt. We've figured out where the bus will pick her up (1/2 way down the block) and what time Kyla needs to be up in the morning (7am on the dot). Yesterday my mom came over to help watch Gavin and we all went school clothes shopping for Kyla. We have been blessed with lots of wonderful hand-me-downs so we didn't need much more to get her outfitted for the school year. Here she is with all of her "school clothes."

After Kyla was done getting her picture taken with her clothes, Gavin plopped right down in the same spot and said "Cheese!" How FUNNY!

Notice his shoes, Grandma bought them for him for next summer, he hasn't taken them off since we got home yesterday:) He is my shoe man. He will put on any type of shoe in any size that is available and traipse all over the house. It's really quite entertaining.

Please keep us in your prayers as school time creeps closer. Kyla is excited and then scared. She's not sure she wants to go at this point. Please pray that her heart is calm and that she falls in love with her teacher, but most important of all, that she is a beacon of Christ in her classroom.

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Joce said...

Oooh, I'll be praying for Kyla. I'm teaching kindergarten for the very first time and I start on Tuesday too. Knowing she's nervous helps me to pray more specifically for my 7 kiddos too. Thanks. And let us know how she does~I have a feeling she's going to be pleasantly surprised. =)