Monday, August 18, 2008

Prayers Please!

What a weekend we've had. I'll start with the prayer request. Chad's grandfather, Frank, is in the hospital and the dr's say that his time here on earth will soon be over. His health has been declining for the last 5 years, drastically this past year. Chad's grandmother passed away January of 2007 and Frank has been missing her so much. Please pray for Frank, for calmness and peace as he passes. Please pray for our family. Even though this has been coming for a long time, our hearts don't seem to be prepared:) Chad's mom and aunt having been spending exhausting amounts of time at the hospital with him-please pray for their strength in both mind and body.

On to more happy things...

Chad and Bryan drove up to Olympia on Friday and went sailing for the weekend on Bryan's sailboat, LiLo. The weather was a bit warm and the wind wasn't to cooperative, but the guys had a nice relaxing time. I'll put up pictures as I get them from Bryan.

My parents are in Indiana with Kyla until Wednesday of this week and I'm taking over for Dad at his metal shop. I haven't had to work full time since before Kyla was born, boy is it tiring:) On Saturday, I opened my home to 5 of my galfriends and we scrapbooked until we dropped. Gavin had a fun day at Aunt Beth's and I got some time to get stuff done:) Thanks Beth!!

As I miss my daughter and begin to mourn Frank, I am so thankful for the family that God has graced me with. I urge you to hug your kiddos, Kiss you spouse and call to chat with your mom:)

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