Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kyla's Birthday Party

Our Five Year Old

On Sunday, Kyla had 8 friends over to help her celebrate her 5th birthday. A couple of weeks ago, she decided that she wanted a horse themed party. We have a friend who has horses and she agreed to give the girls horsey rides:) We had lunch here and then did a craft. All the girls wanted to meet Lovy, he was a little shy:)

We loaded all the girls into a couple of vehicles and drove out to Crystalin's. Her family lives on 1500 acres of land outside of McMinnville. It was absolutely beautiful! Kyla was a little hesitant to get on "Sticks" at first, but after one loop around the coral, she was good to go. Here she is!

Kyla's Buddies (l to r) Claire, Kyla, Haley, Meira, Ana, and Hannah

Even Gavin got to sit on Sticks!

Cupcake Time. It was a little to windy for the candle to work, she got to pretend to blow it out:)

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