Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our very own Picasso

I was in the kitchen making lunch when my sweet, innocent Gavin hollered for me to come and see his drawing. He was gifted a table top easel for Christmas and has really enjoyed it so far. With my permission, he was using the white board side with his dry erase markers. From prior experience, we've learned that it is best to take off his shirt before he attacks the blank canvas so I had done that a while ago and left him to it as I hurriedly made some lunch.

I looked at the easel and made appropriate sounds for the artwork of a toddler and then turned around to head back into the kitchen when his next comment stopped me in my tracks. "Now look at my belly button!" Yeah, that can't be good. Low and behold, our little artist had painted his arms, hands, torso, and most importantly, his belly button with dry erase ink.

I plopped him in the bathtub and we frantically scrubbed his little body with his normal soap, yeah, that didn't work. But his skin sure was a pretty pink:) They have faulty packaging though...no tears, ha! I was crying!

We do have the white board cleaner. Hmmm, It's flammable...and it says to keep away from children. I should probably interpret that as "don't squirt you children from head to belly in hopes of erasing body art." At least that's what I think they mean. I mean, I probably shouldn't use it on him, right?

After a good thirty minutes of combined scrubbing and soaking, there are still the faint markings of modern art on his torso. I guess we'll just live with it for a bit and hope that he doesn't get some strange disease from bodily contact with dry erase markers. You just never know...

This incident just reminds me that he's two (Almost three) and needs to be supervised AT ALL TIMES. I should be used to this by now. I can't make a sandwich, or get dressed, or heaven help me if I'd like to pee in private. I'm a mom. That's my job. Now that I think about it, where is that kid? Shesh, guess I'd best go and find him before any more art is made:)

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