Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Riddle Fam Blog 2010!! What an amazing year we've had! We can hardly wait to see what comes at us this year:)

This past week we had a freak snow storm pounding us with 4 inches of snow in the same amount of time. Now as you know, Oregon's don't do snow. We don't know how to drive in it, we don't know how to clear our porches...We just don't do snow. As you can imagine, the traffic was horrendous, making Chad's normal hour commute a five hour extravaganza! Poor man. But don't you worry, when he finally did get home, it was to a nice and cozy house thanks to our new windows. What a phenomenal difference they make!

Kyla was over at Jolina's house so Gav and I were on our own for most of the day. We bundled up and played, played, and played outside.

The next day, Chad and the kids went out to the park and built a snowman and played on our toboggan. I took some pictures and then hurried back inside where it was warm and dry:) I'm smart like that:)

Happy New Year!

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