Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Ever Riddle Family Game Night!

We have started a new family tradition, a Family game night. We are planning on it being a once a week thing, but we'll see how that holds up:) We started the evening with pizza and a rousing game of Rocky Mountain Animal Dominoes (Thanks Trina).

Next, we broke out our new kid version of the Farming Game, a variation of a game that Chad and his cousins played all the time when they were younger. Kyla was the banker, she did great!

Gav lost interest about half way through the game...not too unexpected:)

When we all left the table, sneaky Gavin slinked up in Daddy's chair and started playing banker. He had asked all through out the game in hopes of the chance to be the banker, it's just over his head at this point. Well, he finally got to be the banker:)

A successful evening of family fun! I look forward to next week as we smooth out some of the rough edges of the plan:)


Jolina said...

sounds like fun!!

Trina said...

What fun memories you are creating for the kiddos and you!!

Nay said...

We do Family Home Evening on Monday nights. We start with "The Pledge of Alligence" then a song and prayer. We have a spiritual lesson, an activity, then snack. We finish with reading from the scriptures and say prayer again. It is actually santioned by our church to get with your family and do this on Monday nights. And it can be done anyway you like (we added the plegde since Travis is in the military). The point to is to spend quality family time together, like your game nights. Stick with it. Our kids still talk about the things we've done and look forward to it every week. Now that they're a little older they help us plan it.