Friday, January 22, 2010

The latest sewing

I just read this quite from another sewing blog, A hoot and a holler, that I enjoy reading.

"You will be performing "surgery" as you refashion. Don't be afraid to "cut". Your a seamstress. That's what we do. We cut. We change lives. We save. To be a good seamstress you have to think like a seamstress. Emotions can be messy. You need to tuck them away and step into a clean sterile studio where the procedure is simple. You cut, you suture, you close. Now let's do this!"

Kyla has miraculously put holes in another pair of jeans this month causing her clothing situation to be on the verge of despair pants wise:) I saved one of her holey jeans to make into shorts for this summer but she really needed pants to last out this winter and spring. I decided to make patches. Not those boring old iron-on jean patches. Nope, my girl gets flowers:) I used some cotton fabric just added to my stash from a friend and a layer of jean material leftover from an earlier project. I unsewed (ripped out) the leg seams, sewed on the patches and then sewed the side seam back up. Ta Da! pants to last until summer, hopefully.

I'm part of the worship band for Celebrate Recovery at our church. CR is a Christ based recovery program for addicts in our area. It's an amazing program and I have been truly blessed by being a part of the worship team. For New Years Eve, the CR leadership team gave our band T-shirts as a gift of appreciation. It was either a small or x-large size so I took the largest with plans to cut it down to make it fit me. I took a shirt that fit (its just a little long) and used it as a pattern and within 30 minutes, my new shirt fit perfectly!

Another project was spurred on when a friend of mine gave me a pair of jeans that were just a bit on the tight side and a tad bit too short for my comfort. I hacked them to pieces and made a jean skirt for myself, something that I've been wanting to do for a while but just haven't gotten around to it. It was much harder than when I made Kyla's using the same method since women's pants are shaped quite a bit differently than girls:)

I've also made myself some lounge around pants and a summer skirt (prepping for Hawaii) from a bed sheet given to me by my aunt. No pictures yet though. Maybe soon:) My next project is a birthday outfit for my almost three year old. And then valentines stuff for the kiddos after that. Off I go to sew:)


Dominique said...

You are marvelous!

Great quote too!

Joce said...

Wow!!!! You are amazing!!! I adore the skirt.