Thursday, January 7, 2010

For Those Unbelievers

Some people out there don't believe that Gavin talks as much as I say he does. This video is for all of you. He turns three in under a month and man can my boy can talk, and talk, and talk... Seriously, there are times when I have to ask him to just be quiet for fear of my head blowing off my shoulders. Here is just a brief couple of minutes out of the 10 minutes recorded during a normal afternoon of Gav's interesting chatter. He continued on after my camera was full, after I had walked out of the room and for the 15 minutes following that:)

He had started talking about a large boat that he has (for pretend) and then we all had boats and so on...

We'll just label him a creative thinker and try to enjoy and follow all the twist and turns his little imagination dishes up:)

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