Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here and we fully enjoyed all that it brought. Friends, laughter, grumpy kiddos, and family. But most importantly, we were able to celebrate Christ's birth and the kids got that this year, exciting stuff!

We spend Christmas eve morning with Chad's dad. We had a nice brunch and had a quiet, relaxing present opening and visit. Later in the evening we headed to Portland for our annual Christmas Eve get together at Shirley's (My mom's best friend and the kid's honorary Grandma).

Christmas morning came and Chad and I anxiously waited for the kids to wake up. The kids wore their Christmas pj's (they got to choose the fabric this year) and we read the Christmas story from the New Testament before opening gifts. This was the year of home made gifts. We have capes and pjs and pillows, flowers and caplets and leg warmers. And we can't forget the wonky bible cover that I'll have to remake in order for a bible to actually fit in it (sorry about that Dad):) Oh how my sewing fingers are tired:) My poor machine needs a vacation as well:)

Chad's gift was a true labor of love. Its the most complicated thing I've ever tried to make (besides the two small humans that I made a while back). It's a very manly computer messenger bag. The lining is the special secret. Chad is really into robots this year so I indulged him and gave him a bag full:)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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