Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is Here!

The first round of Christmas started with a family trip up to the Tri-Cities to celebrate with my brother and his family. The added bonus was that we were able to watch my s-n-l graduate from nursing school! It's a very exciting time for them, I can't wait to see where this new knowledge leads her.

It was a very quick trip (left Mulino on Saturday morning to make it in time for the 2 pm graduation/pining ceremony and then leaving Sunday after church). I must honestly tell you that my bum is still shaped a bit like the truck seat:)

We did presents late Saturday evening. The kids were nearly asleep standing up, but the presents perked them right up:) I made super capes for both Gabe and my brother. Every boy needs a cape:)

(Does anyone find it funny that Chad is on TOP?)

The theme this year was Classic Iron Works:) We are all now outfitted to represent the business. Anyone need a fancy wrought iron drive gate?? We just happen to know where you can get one:)

The Christmas Season is Here!

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