Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Refashioning Continues

The last two months has tested my sewing capabilities to the maximum. I'm hoping that I come out of this sewing spree much more wise than I was going into it:) Here are a couple of the latest refashions.

For my sweet niece on her 10th birthday, I made this fun and quirky skirt out of t-shirts that I had on hand. The picture doesn't do it justice, with Han wearing it, it's divine:)

Another November birthday prompted this pretty little skirt. The material came from some work out pants that I purchased to turn into shorts this past summer. The leg remnant just happened to be the perfect size for a little three year old girl:)

A recent refashion for me stemmed from a pile of maternity clothes that I was ready to get rid of. On top of the monstrous pile was an off white knit shirt with tent like proportions. I don't think I ever wore it while pregnant, but I somehow have it:) I don't have a before pic, just use your imagination...an extra large old-fashioned, tent-sized maternity shirt with a scoop neck. This is what it turned into after a bit of altering and cutting down and the cutting down again:)

I had this great idea to turn a shirt that was a bit big and a bit not-my-taste into something stylish and fresh. I had some inspirational and conceptual help here. Unfortunately, it looked much better in my head:) It's wearable but not my favorite refashion. Not bad, just not great:)

Before (I had already taken off the collar at this point)

Kind of what I was going for
What I got

There's more, but I haven't taken pictures yet. They'll come eventually:)

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