Thursday, December 10, 2009

Date Night!

Kyla and I headed out to Linfield College last night for their concert choir's Christmas Concert. I hope that she loves, or will love, music as much as I do and with that in mind, I'm trying to expose her to all the different types of music out there:) This is a great venue. It's close to home, FREE, generally well produced, and most of all, pretty laid back so if a little girl forgets to whisper, all is well:) She's a people watcher and was enthralled by all the college kids and the non-stop activity.

We ended our evening with a stop at our new McDonald's for a yogurt treat. The evening reminded me how much I enjoy spending time with her, you know, outside of being the child rearer/ruler:) She has such a joy about her, she's ready for anything, but most of all, she makes you smile when you are with her. Thanks Kyla Rayne for a fun evening!

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