Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To chase the chills away

It's down in the single digits temperature wise here in Oregon and I wanted to send out a little something to warm up your heart. Giggling can do that you know:)

As we are learning to parent Gavin, we've found that timeouts work well for him. Not just a normal, "you can still see whats going on" timeout, but an "in the corner, back towards the action" kind of timeout. I don't ask him to stick his face in the corner or to rub his sometimes snotty nose on my walls, but he generally does this on his own accord.

It starts like this...
And then the great weight of his head pulls him forward...

And finally, nose in the corner.
Now as a child growing up, I myself spent time with my nose in the corner of our family living room with my younger brother on the other side of the wall with his nose in his corner. Ahhh, good times:) We also had a friend (you know who you are D-man) who spent an immeasurable amount of time in that very same corner. I saw Gavin the first time and was assaulted by waves of memories of my brother-of-my-heart looking just the same.

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, On to more parenting I go:)

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Donny said...

I saw this picture and nearly cried with laughter as it had to be a mirror image of me at the house on 71st. I might add that it is like pure torture to have to have your back to all of the action, as a kid it is like the death penalty because while you get the joy of having your face stare at a white wall that is turning dark with dirt spots from your nose from being there so often, your best bud is off playing with hot wheels and eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich. It was for the best though. I love you guys and miss you all.