Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beach Adventure

Kristel and Jackson were down from Canada and paid us a visit yesterday. As we waited for Kyla to get home from school, we came up with the harebrained idea to jam us all in the car and race to the beach to watch the sunset. The boys slept in the car and we drove west, racing and following the setting sun. We got there in time to have about 30 minutes of a glorious show. The kids played in the sand and water (oh, what a cold and sandy mess) and we ran, splashed, giggled and were in utter awe of the beauty surrounding us.

We finished up our adventure with a trip to McDonalds, mostly for a worry free place to get the kiddos warmed up, there were quite a few frozen toes and stinging fingers. We were true Oregonians - who needs a sunny beach? We play on the beach in our snow clothes:) Check out our manly muscles...please overlook the frostbite and wet sand stuck in not-to-be mentioned areas:) My dear friend, I will go on another adventure with you anytime:)

The 30 minutes of delight were well worth the drive.

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