Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Part II

On Friday we piled into the car and headed North to spend the weekend with Chad's side of the family. We always have a grand time together, all eight kids and 8 plus adults. Added into the fun was Tamarah's brother and s-n-l with their two kiddos. There was one adult to each kid - not a bad ratio:) I was blessed and didn't have to be in charge of any food (except the coveted pickled eggs) and just had KP duty. After cooking SO much for Thursday's meal, this was such a relief! The girls went furniture shopping, grocery shopping, went for long strolls, watched the new Star Trek while the boys played video games, board games, and even a game with mouse roll play (I'm serious!). The kids played until they literally fell into tangled piles of sleeping children and the adults heaved huge sighs of relief. The amount of chaos and noise from that size group is unimaginable and quite rousing:)

My niece, Ana, did my hair (she loves to do hair and I love to have my hair played with - it makes us a good team) while everyone watched in wonder at the creations forming atop my head:) My oldest niece and I traded fashion advice and periodically escaped from the house to relish the silence outside.

We made is safely back home on Sunday and are relishing the quiet and calmness of our life here. Thanks Tamarah and Eric for opening your home to us all, the memories made are priceless!

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