Monday, January 17, 2011


It's been a busy week. Rather, a busy last couple of months. This summer, Chad and I discovered some property out near both of our parents that fit the title of "The Riddle Family's Dream Property. " Now this property was not actually for sale at the time (it was in the process of foreclosure) and way out of our price range as well. But it got us started thinking about our dream of moving out to some property, having space of our very own where our kids (and us) could run and play out in the open. We love living where we do so we first started looking around us, in Yamhill County. I'll interrupt this re-telling with random pictures of our handsome know for comic relief.

We live in a beautiful part of Oregon, surrounded by vineyards, hazelnut orchards and large farms. We are close to the beach but close to several large cities as well. It pretty much is perfect. Except for the fact that our family lives about an hour away. We've lived here for eight years now and the drive just keeps feeling longer and longer. After looking and finding really nothing that we liked and could afford or liked and couldn't afford, we widened our search area to include the county where we both grew up.

We decided on the Canby area after hearing great things about the Canby school district. We checked out a couple of properties with our Realtor and spent hours online searching. We would find houses that we liked but the property was either too small, to big, or all field or all forest. We would find great property but it had a mobile home on it or a ranch house (I won't get it into it much, but the thought of living in ranch house makes my soul wither) or the house needed to be torn down and a new one rebuilt.

We got to the point where we decided to put our search on hold and take up looking again sometime later. Then I was talking to my mom on the phone and she mentioned that they house that we looked at last summer, aka the dream property, had a for sale sign up still. When the house went on the market in the late summer it was way out of our price range and in a different school district but I decided to check on it anyway.

Our Realtor dug up the info that it was now bank owned and had been sale-pending for a while but the sale fell through and had just gone back on the market the day before. Wow, what timing! They had even lowered the price, right into our price range! We made an appointment to see it the very next day.

We took a long look at the house and property on Thursday afternoon, braving torrential rains and the fear of utter disappointment. This had become the dream, what if it turned out to be not so dreamlike? To our delight, it lived up to it's title and we put an official offer on the house/property on Friday morning. Now we wait...and wait for the bank to respond.

We've been keeping busy, dreamed a bit of how it would all work out, and constantly checked our phone and email accounts praying for an early response:) We should hear back by the end of this week (Fridayish). Our fingers are crossed, our prayers said, and our breaths held as we await to see if this is next in God's plan for our life. I'll be sure to keep you posted. When I'm not hyperventilating into a paper bag or chewing off my fingernails:)

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Joce said...

oooohhhh, I LOVE when God knows our dreams and our dreams become HIS dreams. Praying for you guys! You would be close to us. . . my husband is a police officer for Canby. How fun! Can't wait to hear the outcome! Blessings1