Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keeping Busy

So while we wait to see what Bank of America chooses for our future:) I am trying to keep busy. I needed something big and labor intensive to keep my mind from whirling about. So I decided to paint our gathering room. At the top of our stairs, we have a large open area, AKA the Gathering Room, that really serves no purpose. I'm not sure why we even call it the gathering room, it's not like we actually gather there. Anyway, it's a glorified hallway at this point. We keep lots of books there, and other random things that don't seem to have a home. I've always dreamed of having a reading nook or a guest area. At this point, I don't want to spend a lot of money on this area but it's been needing to be painted since we moved in. Eight years later, I'm up to the task:)

I spent the afternoon moving furniture (Okay, so Chad moved what furniture there is) and washing walls....and doors...and windows...and banisters. Our banister was not up to code when we moved in, the rungs being too far apart for safety. Can you just imagine all the body parts that Gavin could have gotten stuck in there?:) We made it safe many years ago, just not so pretty. Chad dragged out his router and prettied it up and I sanded it nice and smoothish. Now remember, our house is old and has "lots of character":)

We rolled the carpet out of the way and found three or four different floor colors and even some raw wood, one hundred year old wood flooring. Unfortunately, it's not the one hundred year old wood that is amazingly beautiful and well preserved:) I have plans for it, just not at this phase of the project.

I really wanted to paint the ceiling tonight, but it gets pretty hard to see at night once you take the light fixture down. So I will settle on having the entire project ready to go tomorrow. Ceiling paint, trim paint and then the walls. Hmmm, maybe just ceiling and trim:) Who really knows how much energy I'll have tomorrow.

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