Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She's Famous!

Early this winter, Kyla was one of 55 winners chosen from her school district in an essay contest sponsored by the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. The prize was a trip to the museum and the opportunity of a life time, a live video chat with the United States astronauts up at the International Space Station! On Tuesday, 20 students from Wascher Elementary adventured to the Imax and were able to ask questions of our US astronauts. Gavin and I were able to watch the live feed from the ISS on our local public broadcasting channel. What fun it was to watch them try to eat jelly beans and do flips while holding conversations.

Fox news was even there and they had a good length clip that you can enjoy here. And by here I mean at the museum, not in space:) Let's play a little game...How many times do you see Kyla in the clip???

I'm not sure if this experience has sparked an interest in space travel in our gal, but she sure had a great time and couldn't stop talking about it when she got home.

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