Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still Waiting

We received an email on Wednesday morning stating that we had become part of a multi-offer situation on the house. We had the ability to change our bid or keep it the same. We raised ours to our highest point. We later heard that the other offer is above ours by almost 20 thousand $$. Yeah, that's a nice chunk of money:) The bank hasn't accepted either offer as of Thursday afternoon, but if the bank is just going on how much they can get, the situation is looking pretty grim for us:) I trust that whatever is supposed to happen will indeed happen. We have been praying constantly through this whole transaction that God make it perfectly clear for us. Twenty thousand dollars seems pretty clear to me:)

Now we wait to see what the bank decides. We are still hoping that this is the house for us, but are at peace no matter how the situation unfolds.

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Joce said...

Nothing is impossible with God! If it's His will, it will be my friend. Waiting is sooo hard. I love that peacful feeling no matter the outcome though. Praying for you guys! Blessings.