Friday, January 7, 2011

Quiet Creativity

I've been quietly sewing and crafting during our long, cold days. My sewing area happens to be in the coldest part of the house (and the messiest) making it a bit unappealing to work on projects. Braving the clutter and cold toes, I have finished a couple of projects for some special people in our lives.

I have a wonderful niece who recently celebrated her birthday and she made it known that she was hoping for a bag to keep her knitting in. I say "made it known"...she looked me straight in the eye and said that she would really like me to make her one:) No mixed signals from that gal:)

Kyla's school ended with a big bang right before Christmas. Her teacher, Ms. Morton, has a great talent for making her students enjoy learning and being excited about all that goes on around them. For such a special teacher, a special Christmas present needed to be made. Kyla choose a holiday apron on the last Tuesday before be given that Thursday for the holiday party. No pressure there:)

I had my first commission work this past month as well. A good friend of mine just recently had her third little girl and had in mind the perfect bumper for this new little one. The problem was that she couldn't find that dream bumper in her price range. After she found the fabric, she got a hold of me and we were able to make that dream come true...yes, my sewing makes dreams come true! (can you hear me snickering?)

I had one last gift to make for my boisterous nephew. I've been saving up this tutorial to use for the perfect time and it finally came. I used a sheet from Walmart and some pvc pipe from Lowes. A couple hours of sewing and Gabe now has a fun place to play and hide. (Notice my handsome model trying it out before we had it hand delivered to Central WA)

I have lots more projects ready to go...I just need a bit of gumption to conquer the mess and the chilly floor. Wish me luck!


Megan said...

I wish you luck, warm socks, and a energy efficient space heater!
In a pinch, a hair dryer will thaw things out ;)

Joce said...

You are AMAZING my friend~you're ability to sew and create is inspiring! Thank you for sharing all that you've been working on.