Monday, January 10, 2011

On The Train

Back in November, Gavin and I took a train adventure. My brother invited us up for a that I think about it, I may have invited us:) Whatever the situation was, Gavin and I purchased Amtrak tickets and prepared for his first train ride.

My mother-n-law and Kyla dropped us off at the station in downtown Portland and we waited impatiently until it was our turn to board.

We found our seats and got settled in. I had planned on Gav and I enjoying all the beautiful views of the Columbia Gorge on our way East but night fell before we had made it out of Portland.

We explored our eastbound train and found the dining and observation cars nearly empty. We snagged a table and played to our hearts content. This coincided with our hour of waiting for an oncoming train. Waiting...while standing still...for an hour...with a three year old. Need I say more?

During our ride, I had little presents for my traveling companion to open to help pass the time. The coolest was the hat, made out of glow sticks. Yeah, you know you want one:)

After that one hour wait, we were behind schedule. Gav listened to his veggie tales, ate a snack and then eventually fell asleep much to my dismay.

About 30 minutes after he fell asleep, our stop came. I carried him, our bags, and the car seat off the train. Have you ever been on a double-decker Amtrak train? Have you tried to go down the narrow little stairs? With a sleeping child?

My snl was there waiting for us and we made it to there house with all our bags, body parts and most of my sanity intact. Invited or not:)

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