Friday, July 30, 2010

The Great Exploration

The kids and I set out for an impromptu adventure this morning. We have a bus that runs through Yamhill County that is super cheap and it stops just a couple of blocks from our house. The kids are constantly asking when we can ride the bus and I decided that today was the day.

We packed our backpacks with supplies that a person definitely needs on an adventure, you know...water, books, play cars, a stuffed horse, a camera and headed to the bus stop.

The first thing that we learned was that the bus wasn't on time. The second, my kiddos weren't thrilled with the waiting:)

We didn't have any specific reason for going into town, but that's where the bus goes:) We decided to explore Main St in Newberg and finally checked out some shops that I've been meaning to get around to doing. First stop was the pet store, Critter Cabana. Oh delightful! They have animals out to touch and study; tortoises, parrots, puppy dogs, bunnies, lizards. It's all very hands on and quiet loud. I recommend it whether you are in the market for a pet or just for the experience.

Our next stop was a little corner park that showcases a waterfall. After throwing in some pennies and making wishes, we ran around a bit, trying out all the benches and such and then were off to our next destination.

We were all getting a bit hot and hungry by then so we stopped in at a little Mexican restaurant that Chad and I used to frequent when we lived in Newberg oh so long ago. They weren't busy, as in we were the only people there, so we got extra special service, a Spanish lesson, and a bit more dessert than our one shared meal warranted:)

We made a quick stop at Chapters, a local coffee house and bookstore. We read about Mercy the pig and found a book that I want to get Chad for christmas. Now if I can only remember it come December.

The post office was next on our list to investigate. The door was open into the mail room so we sneaked a few peaks to learn more about how our mail gets to us. The post master pretended not to notice us and the kids were thrilled at our behind the scenes peak.

We made it back to the bus stop with dragging feet and ten minutes to spare. Once the bus arrived, we headed to the back of the empty bus and enjoyed our bouncy, wiggly ride home.

What a fun adventure! The kids finally got to ride the bus and we were able to explore our area a bit more. Throw in an unexpected glance into the postal system, a fun and inexpensive lunch, a good read at the bookstore and we had a successful exploration. Did I mention we did all this fun stuff for under $13.

Now that's what I call a cheap, but fun date with my beloved explorers:)

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Jolina said...

sounds like you had a great time!