Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girls Day

My Aunt is visiting us from the beautiful state of Indiana and I wanted to treat her to something that was indicative of the area that we live in. So of course we headed up into the Dundee Hills and had a picnic lunch at a local winery/lavender farm. We made it a girls day as my mother and my sweet little girl joined us. Red Ridge Farms welcomed us with open arms and smells that were heavenly.

We explored the gift shop, sampled olive oil made right there from olives grown on the farm, sipped lavender tea and placed our order for two picnic platters.

Oh the picnic platters! Cheese from France, Almonds from somewhere else far away, local fruit, and crisp crackers. Definitely a girly treat:)

We were very lady like:)

And I can't forget dessert! Truffles and lavender shortbread cookies. Oh my!

After our lunch, we found ourselves in the lavender field surrounded by a garden in full bloom. The bees were humming and the scent was divine!

Kyla found the perfect lavender plant to bring home with us as a reminder of our fun afternoon. Now were to plant it???

What a marvelous treat for the special ladies in my life. Anyone want to join me for a second trip?:)


Joce said...

Wow, what a delightful place!!! I will definitely have to check it out sometime! Thanks for the idea!

Dominique said...

Yes, I'd love to go too!