Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Clothes

Kyla is a dress girl. Or a skirt girl. That's just who she is. In an effort to keep her special (read Sunday) dresses stain free, I've started making her some "dresses" out of my old t-shirts. She gets the thrill of being dressed up day in and day out and I get to release the worry about nasty stains and favorite dresses.

I had a t-shirt that was gifted to me many years ago and is now too large and not public worthy. I snapped up my favorite scissors and went to town:)

I added a bit of ruffle to the bottom to girly it up a bit and added a simple tie the for straps.

She enjoys her dress and I enjoy her ability to play in the dirt in it:) We did learn that once wet, it gets a bit stretched out making it more of a muscle shirt than little girl dress. Ahhh, lesson learned.

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