Friday, October 16, 2009

Winter Pjs

Kyla came downstairs a couple of days ago with her pj pants showing half her calf and I realized that it was time to make her some new pjs:) That kid of mine grows so quickly, I can barely keep up!

I have some flannel that was given to me and a shirt that we got from free-cycle. The shirt was stained but still in good shape. I whipped up some pants out of the cute monkey flannel and then made a bib-like applique to cover the stains on the shirt. A little ruffle and she has warm and cozy pajamas that fit.

My crazy monkey girl really likes them:)

Gavin's next on the "must make new pajamas because he's outgrown most of them" list. A sewing mother's work is never done:) My machine that I was gifted for my birthday is in the shop and has been since the end of September. I finally broke down and begged for a loaner from the sewing store else I wither away from lack of a creative outlet:) It's a old machine, but sews smoothly and gets the job done. I do long to reunite with my shiny, fancy machine though. Soon, hopefully soon.


Dominique said...

How I envy your sewing talents! So cool that you can do this for your family!

Joce said...

You are AMAZING! You are totally a Proverbs 31 woman who is never idle with her hands, making sure her family is cared for and works through the night. WOW!!! Such a great example. . . .wish I had that creativity. =)
Blessings Friend,