Thursday, October 22, 2009

New out of Old

I picked up this shirt at a resale shop for $1 a while back and just haven't had the guts to cut it up in the hopes of creating something new. Well, I'm needing some new clothes as the season changes and I decided to go ahead and see what I could do with my sewing machine and a sharp pair of scissors:)

I cut off the sleeves from the body of the shirt and took in the entire bodice by a couple of inches on each side (the shirt was a couple of sizes to big to start with). I reattached the sleeves adding a pit of gather for a "poofy" look. A little bit more gathering at the sleeve cuff and I was happy with the sleeves. I had to tweak the fitting a bit since my body shape doesn't seem to be anything like the woman most clothes are made for. I was still wanting a bit more wow so I picked apart the collar and added the ruffle that I made from the excess sleeve material.

Ta Da!
Please forgive the blurry photo. My photographer, Kyla Rayne, has a hard time holding the camera steady since it nearly outweighs her:) I love the finished look, a little romantic, a little flattering, very bright and happy:) I am constantly amazed that my projects come out wearable, I don't measure or do things carefully, I just wing it. Just don't look too closely when you see me in it, you may notice that things are a bit whopperjawed:)


Dominique said...

Not only is the shirt so adorable, but you look absolutely lovely and svelt in it!

lynne said...

man oh wow!!! You look so nice and your daughter is a great photographer to boot!!!

Great top even with an old machine to use.

Joce said...

Wow!!!! I could never do something like that and you're just wingin' it??? Beautiful! You look fabulous!

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh, Jenny you are sooo talented!