Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Have you thanked your child's teacher yet?

Kyla (looking like a praying Mantis???) and Mrs. Imholt - Spring of 2009

Kyla has been blessed with an amazing teacher this year and last. Last year I waited until Teacher Appreciation Week to send a gift to her teacher. I realized just last evening that there was no reason to wait! I truly appreciate all that Mrs. Imholt does for Wascher Elementary, and Kyla in particular, and wanted her to know that. I baked ALOT of zucchini bread last night and wrapped one up all cute and sent it with Kyla this morning.

Kyla labored over a thank you note (notice the horse themed card, Kyla and Mrs. Imholt share a love of horses), and drew her a picture, I believe the subject ended up being our chicken coup:)

Really, it's all pretty simple and easy stuff, but it will make a big impact on a teacher!

Go ahead, let your child's teacher know that they are appreciated and that you notice all the hard work that they do!

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