Thursday, October 29, 2009

One cold, gloomy day

One cold, gloomy day, a matronly Walnut tree heaved a
tremendous sigh of relief as her heavy, brittle branches were expertly pruned,
changing her from a overweight, creaky danger ...

to a supple and shapely helpmate
to the happy land owners.

Or I could just say that we had a great company come and trim our gigantic walnut tree:) The tree has shaded and protected the house for a good eighty years and needed a little TLC before winter came.

We went with a local company and are extremely pleased with their work. They did a great job, cleaned up way better than expected, and were courteous and friendly. All in all, a good tree trimming experience:)

You can only image Gavin's excitement when their boom truck pulled into the driveway. We watched most of the proceedings (a three hour extravaganza) from the Gathering window (upstairs). We had snacks and drinks just like at the movies.

Our front row view

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Nay said...

It was a good idea..and entertainment. We saw many a banches fall and come through roofs in snowstorms.