Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Harvest Everyone!

The Riddle household doesn't celebrate Halloween but we do like to celebrate the harvest/fall season:) In doing so, we carved pumpkins this afternoon, Chad being the lead in that endeavor with me on the sidelines with a cooking injury. Let's just say an aluminum can and I tangled and I was the loser. Oh the humiliation:)

Anyways, the kids enjoyed scooping the goop and drawing faces. Kyla deftly carved her pumpkin with little to no assistance and Gavin "helped" Chad.

Earlier in the day, Gavin had asked if we could dress up (not sure where that came from) and we agreed that they could dress up for dinner. Dinner time came and the kids ran upstairs to dig through the mountain of dress up clothes that we have with plans of wowing us with their creative ensembles. I can't tell you how weird it was to hear Chad periodically tell Gav to "keep your dress on" as we prepared for our dinner meal:) I'm sorry, if this is not overwhelmingly hilarious to you, I just don't think you know my husband well enough:)

Happy Harvest!

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