Monday, June 15, 2009

Venting in progress!!!

What a day! Kyla has had a fever continuously since thursday afternoon and started complaining of ear pain @ 20 minutes till 5 today. Our normal dr was about done for the day so we took her to urgent care. Let me rephrase that, I took her, plus my monkey-like son during dinner time to urgent care. I packed snacks, but forgot most of it on the kitchen counter...Yeah, good move I know. Once we get all checked in, they check her temp via her armpit and it reads really low, 96 degrees low (She was hot to the touch) and the didn't double check the reading. The dr finally comes in after Gavin has attempted to climb on everything and kyla is curled up in the fetal position trying to fit her entire body in my lap while whimpering with pain. The dr does a quick check, gagging Kyla in the process that leads to a waterfall of tears, and then is out the door. We get the prescription and I met Chad in front of Riteaid and ran in. They didn't have the medication...It's not one they carry in stock. What? They were kind enough to call around town and find a place that had it. I should have known something was up. We ended up going to Walgreens to get the prescription and after a minimal wait they ask me for $45. Yes, that's right, $45 for an ear infection. After I watched the dr mix the meds in front of me, he told me that this is some super antibiotic that will wipe everything out of her poor system. It's a very broad spectrum type used generally when the dr can't figure out whats wrong. SHE HAS AN EAR INFECTION! I was kind, I was patient,(actually I was pretty proud of myself) and then I was flabbergasted when the pharmacist said that this medication is rarely given to children. Nothing...that was my response. So, now we have a super antibiotic that I need to give to my daughter, oh wait, we had dairy with dinner so we have to wait four hours and then give it to her. I have a call into our advice nurse to see if this is even safe for Kyla. How crazy is that? I have to double check the dr??

On our way home we realized that not only did we totally get hosed by the dr but Chad had left his car in the parking lot of Riteaid. ARggghghghgh.

We got home and I took the kids upstairs to prep them for bed when I noticed an open glue stick on the foot board of the bed. Gavin had a difficult time falling asleep during nap time today and I guess I didn't hear him on the monitor when he snuck out of his room and globbed glue all over my bed frame! I mean, come on, really?!? A glue stick? Was there nothing else to play with in the entire upstairs?

So, I'm sitting here waiting for the nurse to call me back in hopes of preventing my kid to be poisoned by this wonder drug. I'm going to knock on wood and whisper, Thank God the kids are in bed for the night! Now I have to go and set my alarm so that it goes off every four hours so that I can drug up Kyla with Tylenol before her ear pain causes her to become a blob of misery.

Thank you and Goodnight!


Jolina said...

Yikes.. that just does not sound like a pleasant evening!! sorry to hear about the whopper of an ear infection!! Hopefully she will get better soon.

emilychadwick said...

Poor you! and Kyla too!