Monday, June 22, 2009

Man Oh Man!

Sorry no pictures for you:) Chad woke up on Saturday not feeling "right." By Sunday morning, he was in major pain...Kidney pain. The kids and I hustled to the car (as much as you can hustle @ 5:30 AM) and rushed him to the ER. After some major pain meds and a couple of hours he was ready to be sent home. The kids spent Sunday and most of Monday with their grandparents while I took care of Chad. He finally passed the stone today. What a long and grueling process for him!

You know how our last couple of weeks have been crazy busy with Kyla going to urgent care and then Gavin being sick and then Chad having a kidney stone... Well, as we drove up the his doctor this afternoon for a followup appointment, the car started smoking. Okay, well we know we have a small oil leak, fixing it is on chad's to-do list. Well, we popped the hood and there was fire. Yes Fire! Just little flame, Chad says. Sheeeesh, fire is fire to me! The fire went out by itself and the smoking stopped. We were able to get home safely but I'm not driving that bomb on wheels until its fixed:) Thank goodness we (the kids and I) leave for Indiana on Wednesday:) I'm not sure how much more excitement of this variety I can stand!

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Jolina said...

jeeesshh... Jen.. what a month for you.. You just got to stand back and laugh about it all.. or at least in a few weeks you might be able to do that!! :) have a safe trip..