Monday, June 1, 2009

I am crafty, Oh so Crafty:)

I've been a mad woman since I've gotten my new sewing machine, mad about sewing that is. My new machine sews like a dream and can handle anything it seems! Here are some of my latest projects.

The first is a refashion project. I was given these bags from my M-I-L, she had no need for them and thought that I could do something with them. I used some left over felt and fleece to make a square "patch" with their initial. I was a tad bit concerned about using my still sparkling new machine to sew the plastic like material of the bag so I hand stitched the patches to the pockets. The kids love them and now they have dedicated bags to take for overnight trips.

The second is a skirt for Kyla. I have a large tub full of scraps, the lonely leftovers from projects that I have done since Chad and I have been married. I saw a similar idea on some random website and decided to dig through my stash. Low and behold, I had enough to make a super cute skirt for my skirt-lovin' girl:) The pieces come from her first baby blanket I made her, the curtains in the kids room now, two aprons I made for my nieces, and a blanket I made for a friend's baby. I was able to do some lovely top stitching on all the vertical seems and finished it off with a ribbon hem that I learned from Jo. All in all, I love how it turned out and Kyla won't take it off:)

And lastly is an apron that I made for my cousin's little girl. We are heading to IN this month and I like to take gifts with us for our hosts. The material I had in my stash wasn't very girly so I decided to attempt ruffles. I even did some decorative stitching on the pocket and her name on the neck strap. Gotta love a machine that does letters:)


Nay said...

Its all beautiful! The skirt is great. The colors look fab together. Where about in IN are you headed? We live 2 hrs from Indianapolis.

Jolina said...

love the skirt!! very cute!! I should give you all my scraps I have!! :)