Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just some Ramblings

I've had an idea tumbling about in my head for a while and decided to put it out for you all contemplate yourselves.

Do you barter? Do you have skills to barter? It's an "old fashioned" idea to be sure, but it really makes sense! Our economy is giving a large percentage of the American population a wake up call, for some, it's a gentle one, for others, it can be a devastating life change. I know that for us, even with no income loss at this time, we are being more careful with our money and making better choices in our purchases.

I was taught as a girl how to cook, can, sew, grow, and so on. I have just recently taken those teachings to heart and it has helped my little family immensely. I think these skills are something to be proud of and to share. What do you know how to do? Are you a wiz in the kitchen? Do you have a green thumb? Can you sew on a button? You don't have to be Martha Stewart to share your skills! I've jumped back into sewing and I've made or thrifted (or hand-me downs) ALL of my family's summer wear. Hows that for saving $$! I must admit that there is one top for myself that I'm on the third attempt at (still doesn't fit quite right):)

Sorry, got a bit off track there:) Would you be interested in some type of barter system? We, as a strong community of amazing people, have a great network to get a bartering system up and running. It doesn't have to be fancy by any means, it just has to help us be more economically aware, more friendly to the environment, and kind to our wallets.

Here is what I'm thinking...What about posting a list of your barterable skills, products, etc on our blogs (We all have them:) or in a monthly email to friends?

Here are some examples that I have come up with that Chad and I have to barter...

-We have a garden that will be giving us more tomatoes (and maybe lettuce) then we'll be able to eat in the next couple of months, would anyone like some tomatoes? We also have apples, black berries, and figs.
-I know how to make and can jams, do you want to provide the strawberries and some jars and I'll show you how or do it for you?
-I can sew. Don't throw out those clothes that don't fit right or that need a small repair, lets talk:) Or maybe do you want to learn?
-My husband is a wiz with computers
-I do photography, need a sitting?:)
-I play piano, anyone want to learn?

This that I would love to barter for...
-landscaping help
-material for sewing
-a haircut for myself
-a massage:)
-fruit to can with
-a heart healthy dinner brought to my home:)

That's just a quick list. I challenge you to sit for just a minute and come up with a couple of things that you yourself can do, is there anything barterable? My s-n-l bakes amazing bread weekly and barters with a couple for farm fresh milk and eggs. I have a friend who makes amazing cheeses (Sounds kind of scary doesn't it:) ) and uses that to barter with. I have another friend who tutors another family's children for car repair work. Another friend made a beautiful quilt as her down payment for her car! A woman I know loves to do landscaping but doesn't have room for a garden, she gets to do what she enjoys and the family lets her share the bounty of their garden. The list goes on and on. The possibilities are endless!

Are you interested? This is not an attempt at getting anyone roped into a business or a commitment, just an idea that can benefit us all. Let me know what you think!

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