Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hmmmm, Strawberries

Well, I've always thought of our strawberry plants as yummy snacking material. Not any more! I went out to pick some for lunch and found that the bed was full of beautiful, ripe fruit. I picked and picked and then sent Chad out to pick more and prepped the bounty of fruit to make jam.

I was able to make THREE batches of super sweet freezer jam! There are enough strawberries close to ripe that we'll be able to get probably three more batches if not more next week! I never thought we could be self sufficient when we bought those two lone strawberry plants. Wow!

We've had a busy day today. Kyla has had a low grade fever since Thursday so she took is pretty easy. Gavin and Chad mowed on the tractor, Gavin even got to drive it all by himself!! (going snail speed of course)

The kiddos got hair cuts at the world famous Riddle salon and now are looking all smooth and stylish for our trip to IN:) I actually made a salon cape for them to wear out of an old table clothe. How fancy is that:) I'm off to do more sewing, turning random material into gifts before we head to out of town. Fun, Fun!

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