Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Fishing we will go

We started our day with the Lee cousins joining us while we watched the Grand Floral Parade on our new TV. It's gigantic! (well at least for us it is) The kids had home made kettle corn as they feasted their eyes on all the floats, marching bands, and dancers.

Then we were off to Rainbow Lake at Metsker Park for an afternoon of fishing. This weekend it is "Fish for Free" in Oregon, no need for a license. Unfortunately, we didn't plan all that well and the kids were able to fish for only 30 minutes. The lake was opened just for this event, it's stocked and open just for small events. We were not successful in catching any fish but the kids were able to get a taste of the whole fishing thing. Kyla is interested in borrowing the pole once again and trying it out when we have more time. A fisherwoman she wants to be:)


Jolina said...

wow.. you guys got your tv already!! I must come see it!! :)

Nay said...

We have recently taken up 'kid' fishing in stocked ponds. Its great fun for them, but it leaves them disillusioned (SP?). Anyway, its the only fishing I know how to do!!! And how fun to watch the parade, it brings back memories. Good times!