Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our day ended with a bang!

My banging on Gavin's back that is. We were eating dinner and he started choking. I had recently deemed him ready to eat hot dogs uncut. It seems that I made that call a bit too soon. I assumed Chad knew what he was doing as he grabbed the gagging, choking boy but the right stuff wasn't getting done. My friend Jolina "Asked" me to take an infant CPR class a couple of years ago before babysitting her daughter. I'm so thankful that I did! I got the huge chunk of hot dog out of him and he happily finished eating the rest of his hot dog (cut up, thank you very much). With only petechial hemorrhaging around his eyes and on his cheeks and bit of extra drool, he is clueless as to how horrible that could have turned out. My heart is still pounding a bit.

Before the action at dinner, we filled our day with fun in the sun. My niece had her b-day party at a park in Wilsonville were the kids played in the water feature. We then hit the speed boat races in Newberg for an hour. It was our first time and the kids LOVED it. We'll have to make it a tradition.

The kids are off to bed and I can only thank God for my baby boy. I'm sure the whole episode was only a tiny bit of time but it seemed like time just stopped as I watched him fight to breath. To think that something as little and unimportant as a hot dog could change our whole world. That's it!!! No More Hotdogs!:) Okay, that's not really reasonable now is it? How about, That's It!!! No More Uncut Hotdogs for a While!!:)


Jolina said...

What a scary thing!! Glad he is ok!

Madhatter Mom said...

Ain did that once too.. I was at work and Todd was home.. I'm just glad he didn't end up having to call for help.. That is one call I wouldn't have wanted to take.

Glad Gavin is better.. He is turning into such a handsome boy!